Christmas Holiday Homework

Our new topic after Christmas will be “Time Traveller”.  We will be looking at how the lives of people have changed over the generations.

We would like you to do 2 mini projects for us:

  1. Find a baby photograph to bring into school for us to photocopy to make a display.
  2. Interview an older member of your family and find out how their lives have changed since they were children.  You will need to tell me
    • Who you interviewed?
    • How old they are?
    • What relationship are they to you?
    • What was their proudest achievement?
    • What has changed most in their lifetime?
    • What they miss most about being a child?

You can record the findings from your interview any way you like!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!!


Think Tank Visit

We had a fantastic time at the Think Tank today. We toured the different levels looking at the exhibits and interacting with them.

The forces workshop was brilliant. We learned about the golden rules for forces and investigated magnetism and friction.

…and we really enjoyed the science park and lunch!!